1. Judo Techniques

    Judo Techniques

    Have you got your Judo suit and wondering about your next steps? Or are you looking to purchase your first Judo gi? If so, here’s some information about the techniques you’ll encounter in this discipline. It’s time to find out more about Judo.

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  2. The Story of Karate

    The Story of Karate

    If you’re new to Karate, or you have a youngster in the family who is looking at getting a kids karate suit, you might be wondering how this iconic martial arts discipline started. (We can offer you an adult Karate uniform if you’d like to join them!)

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  3. Top 5 Martial Arts for Self Defence

    Top 5 Martial Arts for Self Defence

    Martial arts are as popular as ever, for a lot of reasons. The various disciplines keep you fit, give you a sense of achievement and physical interaction with the world, and of course, (although we’re not advocating violence outside the arena!) they’ll also give you expert training in self-defence, should you ever find yourself in danger. If you’ve been wondering about learning a martial art in order to defend yourself out there in the world, there are quite a few disciplines to choose from. Here we’ll look at 5 of them, and what you might need to start.

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  4. First Time BJJ’ers

    First Time BJJ’ers

    Never tried Brazilian Jjiujitsu before? Off to your first training session? Cool. That’s not to say it won’t feel a bit intimidating, and you’re bound to feel a bit nervous if it’s your first time, but don’t worry. Experienced BJJers will be keen to help you find your feet, and here online we can help put your mind at rest with some practical advice and suggestions for the right gear to wear, because like every BJJer, we remember our first time at Beginner’s BJJ.

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  5. Mayweather vs McGregor is on!!!

    Mayweather vs McGregor is on!!!

    If you’re a MMA or boxing fan, you must have heard by now. Floyd Mayweather is up against Conor McGregor in just a matter of weeks time, and everyone’s talking about it already. The pairing was nnounced in June, due to happen in Vegas in August, and if you're a combat sports fanatic, you’re just not going to be able to escape the social media frenzy that’s bound to burst onto every screen this summer.

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  6. Recovery from Injury - Continue with Martial Arts

    Recovery from Injury - Continue with Martial Arts

    No one wants to be told they have to put their MMA on hold when the energy and motivation is there to keep going. So when you’re training for a competition or new level of MMA ability it can be really discouraging to land an injury. All that hard work, all that motivation, and suddenly everything has wait for a few days or weeks while your body recovers. But recovery is just part of what you have to learn in your combat sports training. It’s a mind/body thing, it’s about pacing yourself, and it’s about being wise enough to know when to push through and when to give yourself a rest.

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  7. Beginners Guide to Choosing the right Boxing Gloves

    Beginners Guide to Choosing the right Boxing Gloves

    If you’re in the market for some beginners boxing gloves, you’ll be looking for all the help you can get. After all, a few different sports require gloves, and different disciplines have different requirements. Are you just looking for gloves for training purposes? Are you just going to be boxing, or are you thinking about Muay Thai? It's okay, you’ve come to the right boxing glove shop. We can advise you on the style you need for your situation.

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  8. MMA Takeover

    MMA Takeover

    Once upon a time, Mixed Martial Arts was a minority interest in the field of combat sports, but the scene has changed considerably. Nowadays, thanks to media exposure and the success of the premier MMA organisation, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion) which launched in 1993, the fan base has grown considerably. MMA attracts a huge interest and it continues to gain in mainstream popularity.

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  9. Essential Muay Thai Equipment for beginners

    Essential Muay Thai Equipment for beginners

    People get interested in martial arts as beginners for all sorts of reasons. Some have been watching combat sports for a while, and want to have a go for themselves. Others are looking for an engaging way to improve their fitness while learning an all-round physical discipline that gives them a way to continue to progress in strength, stamina and skill.

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  10. MMA training is a winner for the England Rugby team

    MMA training is a winner for the England Rugby team

    Looking for more proof that MMA is a great training and fitness approach? Want some inspiration to take you from thinking about the sport to actually signing up and going along? Well, how about the England Rugby team? Yes, even professional rugby players are benefiting from mixed martial arts.

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  11. Sandee - The big name in Thai boxing gloves and accessories

    Sandee - The big name in Thai boxing gloves and accessories

    If you’re looking for boxing gear, have you got to grips with Sandee yet? This well-known brand credits itself with being ‘one of the oldest and most authentic combat sports brands in the world.’

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  12. Tips to keep your boxing gloves from cracking

    Tips to keep your boxing gloves from cracking

    Got yourself some brand new leather boxing gloves? Right then, let’s take a look at how to get your money’s worth by caring for them so they last as long as they should. If you follow these basic boxing glove care tips and you can help prevent avoidable cracks and other damage beyond the expected wear and tear.

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