Beginners Guide to Choosing the right Boxing Gloves

Beginners Guide to Choosing the right Boxing Gloves

Two major differences between Western boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves is that Muay Thai requires more wrist support, so the gloves are designed with that in mind. And whereas standard boxing gloves give you a closed fist, in Muay Thai the gloves have more of an open hand as you’ll be using kicks and elbow techniques too.

There’s a difference between sparring gloves and training gloves. Training gloves will usually be lighter, with less padding, allowing you to practice on punch bags and pads. But when it comes to buying boxing gloves for use in competition and sparring, you’ll want more padding, and your gym will probably demand it for safety reasons. Different gloves strike a balance between the padding that protects your hands, and the impact on your opponent in competitive fights.

Other considerations, such as your size and body weight, also come into play. A parent who is buying boxing gloves for their child will be looking at the smaller sizes, which can go down to gloves as light as 4oz. Boxing glove sizes can go up to 16oz or even a hefty 18 oz for really large boxers. Remember to try them on with your hand wraps on, just as you would try on shoes while wearing the right socks.

Velcro gloves are easier to pull on yourself than lace-ups. With the lace-ups, you’ll have the more traditional look, but you’ll probably need the help of a friend. However, lace-ups provide professional level support, and most people in competition would go for these.

At the end of the day, a lot of this comes down to a personal choice. Why not try a few boxing gloves for size to see what suits you. And if you need any further advice, get in touch with use. We’re here to help.