Gloves on. It’s time to talk about boxing

Gloves on. It’s time to talk about boxing

At its most basic, boxing involves throwing punches against your opponent for a set amount of time in a 24 ft roped boxing ring. The modern version of the game is an evolution of the kind of prize fighting that was happening in the UK and USA during the 1800s.

boxing matches typically consist of 12 rounds. Boxers enter the ring from their assigned corners at the start of each round and return there at the end of the round. Certain punches and hits are prohibited, such as headbutts, hits below the belt, or strikes with anything other than the knuckles of a closed fist. Intentional fouls normally lead to disqualification. Accidental fouls may result in a boxer being given a few minutes to recover. Three judges rule as to the winner, unless the game ends before this. A knockout happens when one of the opponents is knocked down and the referee counts to ten without the player returning to their feet.

The rules of modern amateur and professional boxing are defined by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules published in 1867, which were the first rules to mention the use of boxing gloves. These rules state that boxing rounds are to be 3 minutes long, with a 1 minute break between rounds. There should be no wrestling and no hugging, and if one of the boxers should fall during a game, they need to be able to get up unassisted. The gloves need to be in new condition, and if they’re broken during a game they’ll need replacing. Shoes must not have spikes. Rules like this ensure the safety of the opponents and fair competition.

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If you've never given boxing a go, perhaps this is your year to get in the ring.