Groin Guards

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      If there’s one place on your body you absolutely do not want to be without protection when there’s kicks and punches being thrown, it’s your groin. At Fight Equipment we have a wide selection to fit all shapes and sizes. 

      We supply groin guards and boxing abdominal protectors in a range of styles and designs for kids and adults, from top-named brands such as Fly, Pro-Box, Rival, Adidas, Playerz and more.

      Our collection of cups and groin protectors come in many forms, allowing for extra protection or unencumbered freedom of movement. These include cups, a jockstrap with a cup and compression shorts with a cup, as well as the boxing abdominal groin guards, which provide protection over a larger area.

      We also supply WT (World Taekwondo) approved groin guards for both men and women. And all our products are available for delivery across Europe.