Kids Taekwondo

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      The Korean martial art taekwondo was created in the 1940s as a unification of all traditional Korean martial arts into one system. With an emphasis on speed and agility, and a heavy focus on kicking, taekwondo became one of the most popular martial arts in the world and has been an Olympic sport for over 20 years.

      Fight Equipment UK offers a wide selection of taekwondo clothing and equipment from top brands like Adidas, Cimac and Tusah, so you can get all your child needs to step into the dojang with confidence, all from one place.

      The traditional taekwondo uniform, the dobok, comes in different styles; either the cross over jacket or pullover jacket, designed to be lightweight and breathable. Both are available from Fight Equipment UK for girls and boys of all ages, all approved by the sport’s governing body, World Taekwondo, or WT. 

      Taekwondo is a striking sort, so sparring and competition require a host of protective equipment, and we have everything to keep your child safe while they train. From foot, shin and forearm pads and gloves to head guards, mouth guards and body protectors, your kid can step onto the mat with confidence in WT approved gear.

      We also supply a comprehensive collection of target pads, focus mitts and heavy bags so your child can hone their skills and accuracy. And as they progress, we stock every belt they will acquire on their taekwondo journey.