Tips to keep your boxing gloves from cracking

Tips to keep your boxing gloves from cracking

Now, you wouldn’t normally wear shoes without socks, and in the same way, you need to use hand wraps when you have your boxing gloves on. It’s so much easier to keep the interior of your gloves clean and dry if the natural moisture is getting soaked up by your handwraps rather than your precious boxing gloves.

And when you’ve used your gloves in a training session, don’t just stuff the wraps inside out of the way. Think of all that sweat and bacterior. Handwraps need to be washed and then air dried (and yes, that’s every single time they’re used!) and the inside of your boxing gloves need carefully wiping out. We’d really recommend you place something absorbent in there. Cedar chips are ideal. Wrap the chips in cotton first - a sock is perfect for this. After a few hours take the absorbent material out and let the gloves breathe, by giving them some fresh air by an open window.

It’s better to stop your boxing gloves from smelling in the first place than having to try to deodorise them afterwards. If they do start to smell, you could try freezing them overnight. See if that works. (Put them in a plastic bag first to protect them.)

So much for the inside of your gloves. Don’t forget the outside either. The surface of your boxing gloves need care too. Always wipe them clean when your session is over, and once a week use a specialist cleaner, followed by a specialist leather conditioner.

Remember that leather gloves need different care to synthetic gloves. Washing them, exposing them to sunlight, and, or using a hot hair drier - don’t do it! All these are likely to cause damage.

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