MMA Takeover

MMA Takeover

If you’re interested in getting involved in the discipline, it’s more than likely you’ll find a qualified MMA trainer or a centre nearby who can offer classes and training sessions.So let’s imagine you’ve decided to give MMA a go. You’ll need the right gear. Here's a quick overview of the kinds of clothes and protection you’ll want to invest in.

First off, think about protection. MMA shin pads are just one of the essentials for MMA beginners. Also think about gum shields and rash guards, elbow guards and groin guards. It might sound like a lot, but you want to make sure you’re safely protected with kit you can trust. MMA involves a number of techniques and moves that are designed for serious sparring and full on combat, but when you’re wearing the right protection and you have professional guidance, it’s very safe.

On top of the protective layers, MMA clothing comes in a wide range of brands and designs, and this is where you can get creative and choose whatever fits your style and personality. Brands such as Venum, Adidas, Revgear, Fairtex and Tatami supply quality MMA gear. Professional standards of quality and design are available even within the affordable price ranges, as these top brands are keen to ensure the future of the sport and make it as accessible as possible. Check out the ranges we stock - MMA shorts, MMA gloves, hoodies and other layers. Making your own individual statement with the clothes you choose as a fighter is part of the MMA culture.

It doesn’t have to be about fighting either. If you’re just looking for a physical fitness regime, MMA provides great all round training for health and fitness, many people find it's a more exciting and satisfying experience than just going to the gym.

Whatever age you are, and whatever your previous experience, why not consider mixed martial arts and be part of the MMA takeover.