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      Fly boxing Gloves

      Fly Sports is one of the most exciting new brands in the combat sports world right now, and true to form, they have a stack of quality Fly Sports boxing gloves available today from Fight Equipment UK for delivery across Europe.

      Fly boxing gloves are built for durability; with premium high density foam and double stitching on the exterior. Fly sparring gloves also feature a moisture wicking interior to keep your hands comfortable and cool throughout your sparring sessions.

      Fly boxing gloves are noted by their distinctive minimalist design, backed up by robust manufacture. The Fly sparring gloves are available from Fight Equipment UK in both laced and hook and loop varieties. The Fly Superlace boxing gloves offer uncompromising comfort and durability. Made from specially engineered artificial leather, they come in a variety of colours including blue boxing gloves, green boxing gloves, red boxing gloves, silver boxing gloves and gold boxing gloves.

      The Fly Superloop boxing gloves offer all the same premium attributes of the Fly Superlace boxing glove, but with the convenience of a hook and loop fastening to hasten your entrance into the ring.