Safejawz Extro Series Mouth Guard

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Safejawz Extro Series Mouthguard

The revolutionary new sports mouthguard that through all of its advanced product features boasts a very comfortable fit & optimum protection for all sports be it combat sports such as MMA, BJJ, Boxing, taekwondo or field sports like Football, Rugby & Hockey

The fluid fit™ technology means that Safejawz gumshields feature a super-slim profile & great retentive qualities.

The guard will essentially clip onto the teeth & fit comfortably so that breathing, talking & drinking will never be a problem.

Jaw secure™ also offers protection to the jaw & lower teeth as the pre-occluded base & raised impact pads on the bottom of the product act as a buffer to prevent damage from impact to the lower jaw.

There’s no struggling to get a perfect fit with Safejawz either as the remodel tech™ ensures you can have multiple attempts to achieve the game-changing fit that we as so proud of today.

Last but not least the Safejawz Extro Series all feature an awesome design on the front as athletes are trying more & more to stand out from their peers & find new ways to show their personalities as they perform

Safejawz® gives wearers that freedom - Protection with personality.

Size Information: Senior (Ages 12+) Junior (Up to age 11 years)

Case included.

Not suitable for braces

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