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      Tatami BJJ Gis

      BJJ is for everyone! And if you’re thinking of training, you’ll need a BJJ Gi, preferably a Tatami Fightwear Gi

      A BJJ gi is the traditional Jiujitsu uniform, also sometimes called a Tatami BJJ kimono or a Tatami BJJ suit. It comprises a jacket and trousers, made to withstand the rigours of training, which are substantial. A good Tatami jiu-jitsu gi will fit comfortably, look awesome, and stand up to all the grabbing and pulling that occurs during any given training session. 

      Tatami BJJ gis come in all shapes and sizes, to fit all the different types of people who train BJJ. That is, all types of people. And since BJJ is for everyone, we have Tatami men’s BJJ gis,  Tatami women’s BJJ gis, Tatami boys’ BJJ gis and Tatami girls’ BJJ gis, in the standard colours of white Tatami jiujitsu gis, black Tatami jiu-jitsu gis and blue Tatami jiu jitsu gis, plus some non-standard colours like the grey jiu jitsu gi and the pink jiujitsu gi.

      The Tatami Brazilian jiu jitsu gi jacket, whether it’s an adult’s BJJ gi or a kids’ BJJ gi, requires a tough collar and a strong weave to keep it from submitting to rips and tears. All of the BJJ gis available from Fight Equipment UK are manufactured the highly respected jiu jitsu brand Tatami. You can pick up a Tatami BJJ gi, from Fight Equipment UK today, and have it delivered to you anywhere in Europe.

      Tatami BJJ gi pants, while subject to less stress than the Jiu Jitsu gi jacket, must also be extremely durable without sacrificing comfort, while giving the wearer free range of motion. We sell Tatami Brazilian jiu jitsu gi trousers separately to supplement your Brazilian jiu jitsu gi jackets.

      It is important to note that not all Tatami BJJ gis are competition legal. We supply Tatami competition BJJ gis, as well as Tatami non-competition BJJ gis that are still perfect for training.