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      Pro-Box is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of boxing equipment, and were awarded the only British ‘Safety and Quality Assurance Licence’ by the AIBA (International Boxing Association). With humble beginnings as a boxing ring manufacturer over 30 years ago, Pro-Box grew and grew to become a producer of exceptional quality boxing equipment, and the main supplier of equipment to boxing gyms all over the UK. Pro-Box really live up to their reputation as ‘the professional’s choice in boxing’, supplying every piece of boxing training gear a fighter could want. Associated fighters include Barry McGuigan, Chris Eubank, Steve Collins, Prince Naseem Hamed and Frank Bruno. All the equipment in a boxing gym could be supplied by Pro-Box, from their huge range of gloves, focus mitts, balls, bags, paddles and sticks, to boxing shoes, skipping ropes, hand wraps, protective gear and every size and shape of heavy bag there is. Pro-Box also supply boxing shorts and shirts for training and sparring, and sauna suits for cutting weight. They are the one stop shop for everything a boxer needs