Fairtex Boxing Gloves


      Fairtex Boxing Gloves

      Fairtex have been making Boxing gloves for over 60 years, and it’s fair to say that they’re pretty good at it. Fairtex Boxing gloves and Fairtex Muay Thai gloves are known the world over for their outstanding quality and longevity. Fairtex Thai Boxing gloves employ Fairtex’s signature triple layered foam padding system, which disperses impacts evenly through the glove.

      Being such a well-thought-of and long-lived company, Fairtex boxing gloves are extremely popular. The black Fairtex sparring gloves are a staple of boxing gyms and Muay Thai gyms everywhere, but Fairtex boxing gloves also come in other colours, some classic, like the blue Fairtex boxing gloves, the red Fairtex Muay Thai gloves and the white Fairtex Thai boxing gloves, and some more contemporary, like the striking bright yellow Fairtex boxing gloves and the pink Fairtex boxing gloves. 

      Fairtex also produce special edition boxing gloves, such as the Fairtex F-Day Army boxing gloves, and the Fairtex F Day Desert boxing gloves. Some limited edition boxing gloves are also made from synthetic materials, making them vegan friendly boxing gloves.

      Although Fairtex is a Thai brand, and all of their boxing gloves are handmade in Thailand, they take inspiration from what some might call the spiritual home of boxing, Mexico. Fairtex Mexican boxing gloves feature a locked thumb for extra protection, and a longer cuff for added wrist support. Add that to the decades of glove making experience that we see in Fairtex, and you have the Fairtex Mexican boxing glove; among the best boxing gloves in the world.