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      Adidas Boxing Boots

      Adidas Boxing boots are some of the best Boxing boots on the market. In particular, the Adidas Box Hog range of Boxing boots has proven to be incredibly popular with boxing gyms throughout the UK, and indeed the world. The Box Hog boots are extremely well developed with the necessities of modern boxing in mind. They are Adidas’ more affordable boot, so are ideal for beginners, but despite their forgiving price tag, they do not skimp on quality: they are a great fit for a beginner or a master, and everyone in between.

      Whether you’re after adults’ boxing boots or kids’ boxing boots, Fight Equipment UK and Adidas have you covered: The Adidas Box Hog 2 are available in kids’ sizes and adult sizes, for men and women, girls and boys.

      The Adidas Box Hog adults’ boxing shoes and kids’ boxing shoes are currently in their third iteration, the Adidas Box Hog 3. The Box Hog 2 offer incredible support and grip, as well as breathability and cushioning. They are the most affordable of the Adidas boxing boots that we sell here at Fight Equipment UK, Europe’s biggest online retailer of combat sports clothing and equipment, and these boots tick every essential box on a fighter’s wish list.

      The Adidas Box Hog 3 is a truly brilliant adult boxing boot. Adidas have taken all the qualities that made the Adidas Box Hog and the Adidas Box Hog 2 boxing boots so formidable and improved on them further. Breathability has been improved with targeted perforations in the fabric that encourage air flow through the boxing shoe as you move, and the synthetic suede material increases durability while reducing toe and foot slippage as you train and fight. The lightweight midsole and outsole make from improved comfort and better movement, and they are non-marking, so there’ll be no trace of them left on the canvas. These excellent boots come in a variety of colours to suit your taste, if you like red boxing boots, blue boxing boots, white boxing boots or black boxing boots, they are all here, and they are all available for delivery across Europe.

      Adidas’ signature Havoc wrestling shoe is also great for boxing. The Adidas Havoc boxing boot features an ‘Adiwear’ sole with three pivot-point construction that provides maximum flexibility and grip on the mats or on the canvas. The Adidas Havoc is super lightweight and also features a one-piece breathable upper that will keep your feet cool so all of your attention can be focussed on the fight. The Adidas Havoc comes in adults’ and kids’ sizes and in a variety of colours and colour combinations; perfect as adults’ boxing shoes and kids’ boxing shoes alike. We have grey and red Adidas Havoc boxing boots, white and blue boxing boots, blue and yellow boxing boots, black boxing boots and grey Adidas Havoc boxing boots.

      Fight Equipment also supplies Adidas’ premier mid boxing boot, the Adidas Speedex 18. This adult boxing boot has been engineered with the fundamentals of boxing at its core. The Adidas Speedex boxing boot fits like a glove, and has been made with ‘Adiwear’, Adidas’ most durable material, in the sole, which makes for added durability. The Adidas Speedex also incorporates additional design features that combine to tackle every issue a fighter might encounter in the ring. The reinforced mesh upper has stability ripples on the forefoot and stability straps around the ankle and rearfoot, so your feet will not move at all inside the boxing boot