Damage Control Kids Mouthguard - Blue

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Damage Control Blue Gum Shield - Kids

High Impact boil and bite mouth guard is made with Damprotech™ technology. This mouth guard looks, fits and feels great and protects all the important areas of the mouth.

  • Add Style to Your Smile A huge selection of designs and colours to choose from
  • Available in Junior, Women and Adult Sizes

Please note DC Mouthguard’s are sized larger than most, it may be necessary to trim down to size after moulding with scissors

Important read before you mold

Mouthguard fitting instructions

Exciting times, your new Damage Control mouthguard has arrived, now it’s time mould your boil and bite.

We have included these instructions with our DC mouthguard so our customers get the best experience when fitting what we know is the best boil and bite mouthguard on the planet.

Let me introduce myself. I’m James Director here at FEUK and I personally have been involved in combat sports for over 25 years. I have moulded 100’s of mouthguards from many different brands for both myself and others, namely my own children.

From my personal experience, testing and feedback we have found that DC mouthguards are the best fitting, most robust boil & bite you can buy. This is why we have decided to import them from the US to the UK for our customers.

These fitting instructions I have prepared will help you get the best fit possible

You will need -


A cup

A mirror

Water (to boil, but not just yet)

DC mouth guards are larger out of the packet than most. Especially the kids this is to allow you to trim to the desired size.

Step 1- Measure

We advise that you place the mouthguard in your mouth with the front touching the front of your teeth as if you were wearing the mouthguard.

For the best fit the back of the mouthguard should go no further than your last molar at the back of your mouth.

If the length feels comfortable and does not trigger your gag reflex then skip to step 3 ( you can always trim the mouthguard after you have moulded it) 

Step 2 - Trimming

We suggest that you trim the back of the mouthguard with sharp scissors a SMALL bit at a time, only a few mm! Until the mouthguard feels like it is not too far back in your mouth (does not trigger your gag reflex)

This could mean (for kids) cutting a cm or more off. ( I have moulded many DC mouthguards for my son & daughter over the years and the last was only a few weeks ago (May 2019) I cut around 1cm off my 10 year old daughters)

The main goal is that it feels comfortable for you!

Step 3  - Moulding

Once you have the desired length. Boil water (A cup 3/4 full is best )

Place the mouthguard into the boiled water 

Leave for 90 seconds

Use a spoon to take out from the water.

Shake off the excess water and allow to cool (remember we don’t want you to burn yourself, but the sooner you start to mold the better it will fit, use common sense with this)

Look in the mirror when you place the mouthguard in your mouth. You want to ensure its straight, you don’t want your cool design to be off center.

Now bite down hard and suck as hard as you can for around 30 seconds 

While biting down and sucking, with your fingers press against your lips so you are pushing the mouthguard against your teeth

Now open your mouth look in the mirror

Is the mouthguard straight?

Does the mouthguard fall out when you open your mouth?

Is it comfortable?

You can repeat step 3 ensure its straight, does not fall out and is comfortable.

You can also trim some more off the back to get a better fit. Remember don’t trim off too much. Do small amounts each time.

Step 4 – Finish

Once you have the desired fit you can use a metal nail file to file down the sharp edges left after trimming.

Rinse under cold water

Finished. Enjoy your new mouthguard.

If you have any questions please just contact us. We’re here to help and open 7 days a week.

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