Womens BJJ GI


      Womens BJJ Gis

      A Ladies BJJ gi is a traditional Brazilian Jiujitsu suit, also sometimes called a Womens BJJ kimono or a Ladies Tatami BJJ suit.

      Fight Equipment UK supply many mens jiu-jitsu gi's from all the best brands like Tatami women’s BJJ gis in the standard colours of white ladies Tatami jiujitsu gis, ladies black Tatami jiu-jitsu gis and blue ladies Tatami jiu jitsu gi's.

      Competition legal womes bjj gi's are black, blue or white and come in many sizes to fit all. All of our ladies BJJ gis available from Fight Equipment UK are manufactured by the highly respected bjj brand Tatami fightwear. You can pick up a womes Tatami BJJ gi, from Fight Equipment UK today, and have it delivered within 48 hours.