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      Fight Equipment UK is the leading European supplier of clothing and equipment for one of the world’s fastest-growing combat sports; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Partnered with some of the most recognizable brands like Tatami, Progress, Scramble and Kingz, we’re your one stop shop for all things BJJ.

      We stock a wide variety of the BJJ uniform, known as a gi, to suit everyone from first day white belt to grappling master. And as you Progress through your jiu jitsu journey, we supply IBJJF approved ranked belts for kids, women and men, from kids’ belts through all the colours up to the prized black belt.

      The modern BJJ gi is an evolution of the traditional martial arts kimono, developed for strength and durability, and built for comfort and breathability with modern fabrics and innovative weaves. Our selection of gis come in a range of colours and styles; whether you’re a beginner looking for your first BJJ suit, or a professional looking for an IBJJF approved gi for competition, we’ve got you covered. Our trusted brands make some striking leisurewear, too, so you can let everyone know that you train, even when you’re off the mat. 

      We also sell replacement gi pants separately to supplement the more durable jackets, and once you’ve picked up all you need for training in the gi, check out our no gi clothing and equipment here