Cold Steel Brooklyn Baseball Bat

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Cold Steel Brooklyn Baseball Bat

Perfect for school or league games these baseball bats can be used as game bats, practice & warm-up bats or even serve as crossover trainers to develop strength & hand/eye co-ordination for those studying Martial Arts.

Also used as training aids in combat sports to replicate an attack scenario.

From our micro sized Shorty Baseball Bat to our epic over-sized Whopper Bat plus all of the other models in between, we’re sure to have the perfect bat for you.

Ever since their release back in 2006, the Brooklyn Series of Baseball Bats have been consistent fan favourites!
Precision injection molded out of the heaviest-grade high-impact polypropylene available they are not only stronger than most traditional bats but they are more durable too!
These unimaginably strong Bats won’t rot, crack, or splinter or even fade over time & you needn't worry about dirt affecting them either since they’re almost impervious to the elements and clean up with little more than soap and water.

Available Sizes.

Brooklyn Shorty Baseball Bat - Weight 0.5kg, Handle Thickness 2.5cm, Length 44cm

Brooklyn Basher Baseball Bat - Weight 0.78kg, Handle Thickness 2.5cm, Length 61cm

Brooklyn Crusher Baseball Bat - Weight 1kg, Handle Thickness 2.5cm, Length 79cm

Brookly Smasher Baseball Bat - Weight 1.2kg, Handle Thickness 2.5cm, Length 87cm

Brooklyn Whooper Baseball Bat - Weight 1.36kg, Handle Thickness 2.5cm, Length 96.5cm

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