Recovery from Injury - Continue with Martial Arts

Recovery from Injury - Continue with Martial Arts

No one wants to be told they have to put their MMA on hold when the energy and motivation is there to keep going. So when you’re training for a competition or new level of MMA ability it can be really discouraging to land an injury. All that hard work, all that motivation, and suddenly everything has wait for a few days or weeks while your body recovers. But recovery is just part of what you have to learn in your combat sports training. It’s a mind/body thing, it’s about pacing yourself, and it’s about being wise enough to know when to push through and when to give yourself a rest.

The first battle is undoubtedly in the mind. Especially when there’s an event coming up that you don’t want to miss, it can feel tempting to make yourself work through the pain. But be sensible. Take medical advice and refer to the more experienced MMA fighters around you. If it’s time to give your body some space to recover, you’re better off making that choice than prolonging your injury, and adding to it.

One option is to use the time out to focus on a different aspect of your MMA training. So, if, say, you have a leg injury, why not put your hand wraps on and go and do some upper body work instead. It can be a good idea to keep your mobility and strength up to speed while you rest the injury. How about wearing a martial arts support? Various supports are available depending on what area of your body needs extra help. Don’t use them to pretend your injury doesn’t exist, but be sensible. If you find you can keep going with the support in place and your instructor thinks you’re good to go, then keep training.

Whether you need to stock up on your hand wraps, invest in pads and protective clothing, or find out what martial arts support are available, we supply a range of MMA gear that will help keep you safer from needless injury and help look after your body as you train.

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