Essential Muay Thai Equipment for beginners

Essential Muay Thai Equipment for beginners

People get interested in martial arts as beginners for all sorts of reasons. Some have been watching combat sports for a while, and want to have a go for themselves. Others are looking for an engaging way to improve their fitness while learning an all-round physical discipline that gives them a way to continue to progress in strength, stamina and skill.

Muay Thai is a popular choice. It's a combat sport and serious workout that will appeal to fans of kickboxing and mixed martial arts. It’s great aerobic training, fantastic for cardio and flexibility, and when you move on to actual sparring with opponents you'll have years ahead of honing your technique and mastering the sport.

To start out, you need some basic equipment. Kickboxing gloves and hand wraps are essential gear, as they protect the bones, muscles and ligaments in your hands, and ensure safety in training. They’ll provide comfort and support, and keep your wrists safely supported while you’re learning the moves. Muay Thai gloves come in a few different brands, but one of the famous names in the sport is Twins. In the Twins range you’ll find a few different colours to suit - red, blue, grey, black, and even pink if you prefer. Twins thai gloves also come in a variety of printed designs to help you make your own mark.

Beyond the basic training, you'll probably want to move on to Muay Thai sparring, in which case, you’ll definitely want to invest in extra kickboxing protection. Don’t be scared off by the combat aspect. With the right training and protection, you’ll be safe. Professional standard guards are really important Muay Thai equipment for those body parts most exposed and impacted. This includes groin guards, shin guards and mouth guards. We offer a range of styles and brands.

Need any further assistance in shopping for Muay Thai equipment? Just get in contact. We have plenty of expert advice available for people new to the sport, and we can give reliable advice on any aspect of equipment or clothing you need. Give it a go, and find out why so many people love Muay Thai.

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